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"Neeko Cologne is a visionary author whose narratives weave the mystical with the modern. Known for his richly imaginative tales and deep cultural insights, Neeko brings a fresh perspective to the world of fantasy and science fiction through his latest work, 'Black Stellar.' He previously authored 'Being Black is Traumatic Enough' in 2021, a compelling exploration of resilience and identity, which has resonated deeply with readers. In 'Black Stellar,' Neeko invites readers into a universe of intrigue and rebellion, where every character and plot twist is a testament to his profound creativity and insight. As a rising star in the literary world, Neeko continues to captivate audiences and challenge expectations with his unique voice and daring imagination."

The Rise of  Apollo The Anunnaki Stone 

The first installment of the "Black Stellar" trilogy chronicles the ascent of the protagonist from sorrow and adversity to confronting malevolence. This enthralling narrative of rebirth and bravery is essential for aficionados of fantasy and science fiction. Embark on a voyage with him as he contends with dark forces and uncovers his authentic strength. The world of book publishing has seldom encountered a tale as unique as this one.

Cosmic Ascension


In the second part of the book, Apollo undergoes a cosmic ascension, transitioning from the loss of his powers to acquiring new ones from the Naga. The Naga princess rescues him, bestowing upon him a second stone to safeguard the planet against malevolence. This crucial moment signifies a turning point in Apollo's odyssey, paving the way for a monumental clash between the forces of good and evil.


Legacy of The Ancients


The concluding sections of the book unveil a malevolent force from the heavens that nearly devastates the planet, until the Astral Champion, fully empowered by the stones, alongside his Champions, repels the darkness. They not only fend off the evil but also rebuild the planet for enhanced living and defense, vigilantly guarding it until they face the next challenge.




In the twilight of bondage, they toiled,
Resilient hands sowing seeds in reluctant soil.
Whispers of freedom fueling their silent dreams,
Through cotton fields and rivers, fierce as streams.

Those hands, they built a nation, strong,
Crafting legacies of pain into a song.
From shackles to the struggle in city streets,
Marching, chanting, never accepting defeat.

Civil rights—more than words, a cry in the dark,
From Selma to Montgomery, they left their mark.
Hands raised in protest, clenched into fists,
Voices echoing from past to present, a list
Of dreams deferred, yet undeniably alive,
In resilient hearts that strive and strive.

Through decades of denial, still, they rise,
Crafting wisdom from the tears in their eyes.
From jazz clubs to boardrooms, their tales they spin,
Of battles fought and souls determined to win.

Now, these hands weave threads of diverse hues,
In classrooms, courts, in avenues.
Still fighting, still dreaming, with fierce intent,
For justice—a path not freely given, but rent
From the fabric of a society, too slow to mend,
A tapestry of equality, we vow to extend.

For every daughter, every son,
Resilient hands say, "The work's not done."
Marching forward, with history's scars,
Under the same sun, the same stars,
Bound by hope, they reach anew,
For rights that are not given, but due.

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